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      Bring your lunch to picnic, work or school in style with this compact insulated lunch bag. Whether you prefer home-cooked meal or simply too busy and tired to go out for lunch/dinner, you will find the Hot-Cold Insulation Lunch Bag a joy to have. For meals at work and school or a lovely picnic on a weekend, you can easily pack your favorite lunchbox inside. There is enough room for you to add in a bottle of cold drink or a hot beverage too. Conveniently sized like that of a kids lunch bag to ensure that it's handy for you to carry around and even to put inside your tote bag/school bag. Hot-Cold Insulation Thermos Lunch Bag to store hot or cold food, hot or cold drinks. Top closure. It is handy to carry and it is made of durable, easy-clean polyester fabric, with leak-proof interior lining. Fully lined thermal insulated interior of this lunch pouch keeps items cold or warm for hours. Fashionable alternative to plastic and paper, insulated lunch bag is a practical way to carry meals, snacks and more. This insulated lunch bag is suitable for office, school and picnics. It is a perfect lunch bag for kids and adults.


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